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About Aldergrove Community Association

The Aldergrove Community Association works alongside residents, businesses and the Township of Langley to enhance the character and quality of life in the community of Aldergrove, BC.

Standing Meeting

Purposes of Aldergrove Community Association

  1. Promoting a positive and safe village atmosphere for residents of all ages by fostering community spirit, good neighbourliness, mutual respect and citizen participation.

  2. Promoting and encouraging cultural, recreational, social, environmental, educational and business endeavours in Aldergrove.

  3. Promoting the beautification of Aldergrove and revitalization of the downtown core; while maintaining respect for the rural farming community; fostering the natural environment including Bertrand Creek; and developing a walkable community.

  4. Organizing regular resident meetings; enhancing the role of residents in municipal governance by informing and involving residents in Aldergrove.

  5. development of our community through respectful, constructive discussion about municipal affairs;  then representing the opinions of the residents to Langley Township Council and other organizations when required.

  6. Promoting the voice of youth on the community association by seeking the direct opinions of Aldergrove's youth; to help foster good citizens and promote healthy lifestyles, and to include their perspective on the enhancement of Aldergrove.

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